Aerial Video and Imagery

If you look at construction sites across the country, you see a colossal amount of assets: from the land that’s being built on, to the equipment, to the teams working on the project.

But there’s one asset that might be less visible, and perhaps even more valuable: Stonebraker Digital Aerials. Customers noted the top three benefits as innovation, increased efficiency and speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Your workers will thank you – and so will your bottom line.


Stonebraker Digital converts data into actionable business intelligence.

When it comes to earthworks, our data can help provide a 360-view of terrain, ensuring that companies are not unnecessarily moving earth — and verify work completed by subcontractors through cut/fill measurement tools.

During the Build

All construction professionals know that your build is only as successful as your client communication. You can deliver a project on time and under budget, but if you’re not keeping a client updated and providing them progress reports, they’re going to lose trust.

As the project advances, Stonebraker Digital helps companies measure progress accurately. Our professionals create flight plans and re-fly the same plan regularly. You can use the images and analytics to validate “as-built” versus “as-designed” work with consistent, auditable, aerial data. AEC professionals can compare this visual record of action against design plans, identify issues more quickly, and communicate them with the right stakeholders to resolve.
If there are obstacles and road bumps during construction, having images can help illustrate and explain the problem for stakeholders. If some bad weather rolls in, for example, and there’s flooding in one part of your site that’s delaying construction, having photographs make the pain points real to stakeholders — much more so than just describing the situation.

measurement features

Stonebraker Digital can provide the precise information you need, at a fraction of the time taken by traditional surveying methods.


Traditional survey methods can take weeks for data collection and post-processing, creating a CAD rendering, and a final report. We cut this down to days.

Using annotation and measurement features to measure stockpile volumes and comment on maps, which makes it easy to update project progress.


Inspections are another area where aerial data can play a pivotal role in accelerating processes while providing unprecedented collaboration.

Whether during or after the build, many inspectors or project managers go out to a worksite and walk around, take photographs, and try to capture as many issues as they can manually. They might take notes on certain areas of concern. If a problem is identified, workers will try to address it, but the photographs and notes might not show exactly where or what the issue is. Workers may not understand the request once they find the problem. Once work is completed, an inspector needs to return and ensure the work has been done correctly. All of this creates a major back and forth that can grind construction to a halt.

Stonebraker Digital’s 3D imagery addresses problems quickly and confidently. Inspectors can look closely at the 360-degree view and high-resolution images and mark areas that are concerning and what the potential issues are, streamlining the inspection process and helping workers prioritize the most critical problem areas. This single source of truth allows companies to identify, collaborate, and resolve issues faster than ever before.

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